About the Artists

Corbin Ferguson

Corbin Ferguson is from Southern California where he earned his BFA at Laguna College of Art and Design. As the grandson of Veloy Vigil, and nephew of Michael and Daniel Vigil, Corbin follows in the footsteps of a proud heritage of artists. His conceptually driven work is inspired by philosophy, nature and his environment. Corbin's work has shown at the Dax Gallery (Costa Mesa, CA), Jaime Brooks Gallery (Costa Mesa), Hugo Rivera Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA), and the Alexander Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA). See Corbin's work here.

Dan Vigil

Dan Vigil is a contemporary Taos artist and master printer who creates works of art, that can be referred to as abstract impressionism. His paintings and monotypes are works of finite emotional beauty. Vigil’s current works bring to us creations of spiritual meaning that is both personal and universal.Dan is a second generation artist, his father was the internationally recognized artist Veloy Vigil. See Dan's work here.

Michael Vigil

As an artist and master printmaker, Michael Vigil works with a wide variety of media.  His specialities include oil, watercolor, pastel, lithography, monotype and etching. Michael's work always seems to be evolving, though never straying from his illuminated palette.  As an abstract impressionist and colorist, Michael has not strayed far from his father's inspiration.  Michael considers him to be his greatest artistic influence. See Michael's work here.